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fb   The Howard Trance Night Pre Party returns after almost a decade since the last Gatecrasher event for another monumentuos showcase of djs finally seclected from all four corners of the Trance Scene. Please remember we are now at a new venue! Bar Oneninetwo!  

The Howard B4 Gatecrasher Boxing Day Mon 26th Dec 2016 NEW

    Then Onto Gatecrasher @ Area Boxing Day in Sheffield  
Crasher Boxing Day After a short break we return for another amazing night out in Sheffield, 3 major parties over 3 venues, from 6pm on Boxing Day right throught 12pm the day after. If there much demand then The Howard Promo will alsot host a 4th after party from 12pm just like the old days when Insomniacz was on. A full on 24 hour party. With some top class djs and producers from major lables and brands will be hitting the decks with a musical bang. The Howard Pre Party will most certanly have a mix of both big names and giving up and coming djs a chance. First we will be starting off with The Howard Trance Night Pre Party at ts new venue Bar Oneninetwo, then straight into Gatecrasher which is now at the old Kingdom night club, near the City Hall, which is now called Area. Then blast from the past, Stimulate is now back as an after party for those die hard clubbers that just wana party till they drop. Stimuate will be held at the famous leadmill. Which is perfect for an after party. Its not to far from train station. I dont know about you but i cant wait. Lets make this one big night and day to remember. For any one whos wanting to dj for me in 2017, please bring your demo on cd and with a bio would be better. Please hand into to me at The Howard Trance Night Pre Party at Oneninetwo.


    The image below is of a busy crowd and Rob Van Geek at The Howard Pre Party at our New Venue Bar Oneninetwo, before we all went onto Gatecrasher Reunion at Area in Sheffield , 20th August 2016 - History in the making!  

Crowd atThe Howard B4 Crasher Reunuin 2016 V1

    Thanks to all the clubbers who travelled from all parts of the UK, Ireland and many parts of Europe, to The Howard Trance Night Pre Party before Gatecrashers LED 23rd Birthday in October 2016, a true idenity that bonds us together in common interest. All your support has been amazing over the last 17 years - Huge round of applause to each and everyone of you who keep the spirit alive and kikcing. Keep your eyes and ears oepn as Craig Cassiera's live dj set was recorded from our pre party and will soon be ready to downlaod on the Live page on this site.  

    Then Onto Gatecrasher's 23rd Birthday LED Party At Area in Sheffield  

    Big shout out to Andy Croson, Paul Pearson, Tony Hollingsworth, Agenda Djs -Chance & Mac and Craig Bird Lee! for djing at The Howard Trance Night Pre Party @ Bar Oneninetwo before Gatecrasher Reunion in August 2016t!  

Croson, Paul, Tony atThe Howard B4 Crasher Reunion Sat 20th Aug 2016 V1


Ye Old Howard Promo is back and as always we stand to deliver a full strength, but yet versatile line-up' with dj's and producers from some of the most well respected brands in the industry. We are no strangers when it comes to having pre warm ups and after jams - whether it be Gatecrasher, Insomniacz, Sundissential, Agenda, Hard Dance Awards, Off The Rails, Tidy Trax, Riot, Indigo Void, Chaos Theory, Dizstruxshon, Uprising or InProgress 'Digital Society Pre Party in Leeds' - The Howard Promo always delivers a party on a high magnitude. Its been going on.... for donkeys now guys, so if you haven't yet been, get yourself there!

See you all soon - The Howard Promo HQ